Pirates in Iceland

For the first time, it appears a Pirate Party (a mostly European collection of political parties founded around digital rights and Internet-reliant democracy, and founded by one of the creators of the Pirate Bay torrent website) will win a European election and be asked to form a government. And despite the name, the Pirates appear to be a much more sensible option than many of the others that exist. They’re certainly better than those options running in the United States campaigns.

Being swept towards power by the outgrowths of the 2008 financial collapse and the Icelandic economy’s crumpling under its banks lending policies, the Pirate Party has garnered support on its honesty and open democracy platform (members can vote towards objectives and policies, thus guiding their elected politicians much more directly than in other institutions), as well as its willingness to push towards a new constitution for Iceland – one a little more modern in design.

But they face (as does much of Europe at the moment) a strong counter movement from a right-wing party, one that the Pirates have already stated they cannot and will not form a government with. So when the Icelandic elections take place on Oct 29th, it appears a very tangled political situation might take place. Good luck to the Pirates in that case, as they navigate their first real run in power.


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