Planning for Mars

Next Tuesday, Elon Musk is to give a speech revealing SpaceX’s goals and methodology for its Martian colony. Which makes this week the perfect time for a realist’s paper on what is necessary before going to Mars. Such suggestions are eminently sensible, with the slight acknowledgement that they focus quite heavily on the search for life on Mars, a process which I am not certain particularly concerns Elon Musk, except where it might impact his goal of living upon our planetary neighbor. There is something about his attitude to Martian exploration that dovetails nicely with that of the Victorians in regards to Africa – since it is there and not colonized, it should be, more or less regardless of who or what happens to already be living there.

I, for one, look forward to seeing his presentation, and the storm of publicity and response that follows shortly. The truth, as always, will be somewhat less exotic than his outline.

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