Labour’s Childhood Thought Police?

Maybe. The more extreme elements of the British Labour Party, those backing Corbyn, is launching a childcare program that includes “banner- and badge-making and a “teddy bear mandate” – children will be asked to pretend their favorite stuffed animals are the leaders of the future”, all in the service of making the Labour Party “vibrant, welcoming, and outward-looking on the ground”. But any service launched by and directly tied to an aspect of the political spectrum will always have its needs in mind, even as they endeavor towards those other goals that are listed in their mandate.

Is this childcare situation really all it is made out to be? Likely not – there’s little chance of staunch Conservatives entrusting their child to a Labour daycare (and vice versa), and most political leanings (at least before university) are imbued from the parents and close associates, so the actual change in political stance for these children is probably minimal. But it all comes back to the ancient and unanswerable question – “What gives you the right to teach a child?”

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