Solar Tilt and Biogeomorphism

Two Takes on Extraterrestrial Life

It turns out that Earth is a lucky planet in two different ways. If it was titled over too far, as is Uranus, then the poles of the planet would alternately burn then freeze, turning from the Sahara into the Antartic and back again. As you can imagine, there would be very little in the way of life that could survive both extremes. Tardigrades, perhaps, and certain forms of bacteria, but almost nothing else.

Earth came up sevens in another way – the plants we have. They’re the ones that broken down the planet’s crust into loose minerals that could be distributed by the river systems, and they’re also the ones that removed most of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, replacing it with the more reactive oxygen, which, as an element, is much easier to provoke a chemical reaction from.

Given the unique circumstances, there’s now scientific articles saying we’ll almost never see another Earth. That’s a bit too pessimistic, but we certainly hit the jackpot with the planet we were born on.

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