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The letters are beginning to fly again, which must mean that Congress is once again taking up the budget it failed to pass last year. In an open letter released today, more than 50 space experts and leaders from across the country urged members of Congress to fully fund NASA’s commercial crew program.

> By creating competition, and using fixed price contracts, NASA’s commercial crew program offers a much less expensive way of transporting NASA astronauts to the Station than any other domestic means. Funding NASA’s Commercial Crew program would lower the cost of access to low Earth orbit, thus enabling more of NASA’s budget to be applied to its focus on exploration beyond low Earth orbit, and better enabling the kind of program laid out in NASA’s authorization bill. > > NASA’s competitive commercial crew program is the best way to restore US human launch capability after the Space Shuttle retires later this year, to ensure NASA’s long-term role in the International Space Station, and to open up budget resources to send crew beyond Earth orbit.

The full letter is after the break.

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