Monday afternoon – Suborbital provider session

Rand Simberg posted summaries of the presentations from five firms planning to offer commercial suborbital space transport services: Suborbital Provider Session – Transterrestrial Musings.

Tons of Tweeter posts from the session tagged with #nsrc.

Some highlights from the presentations:

Jeff Greason, XCOR: /– They will soon start fabrication of the Lynx airframe. /– Will use non-toxic 3N22 thrusters for RCS. /– Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “Awesome Greason comment – we don’t need to do space for heroic reasons but because it is important”

George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic: /– Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “hoping to fly SS2 into space by the end of this year or early next year.” /– “Interior still under design” /– Twitter / @spacecom: “Whitesides RocketMotorTwo test: going for 40 second burn, which gets you much of the way there. Need to burn for 70 seconds.”

Neil Milburn, Armadillo Aerospace: /– Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Neil Milburn: if tests this week go well, Armadillo plans 1st launch of Tube rocket (aka STIG) on March 9 from Spaceport America.” /– They expect to fly the Suborbital Space Transport (SOST) unmanned by the end of the year.

Dan Christiansen, Blue Origin: /– Crew capsule will separate from New Shepard and land with parachutes while booster section will do powered vertical landing. /– Twitter / @NASA Watch: “payload user guide should be online by the end of this week.” /– Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Dan Christensen, Blue Origin: their patent for landing at sea is for use “down the road”; current plan to launch and land in west TX. ”

David Masten, Masten Space Systems: /– Going for 20 minute turnaround just like Southwest airlines /– Xaero vehicle will go to 30 km. Xogdor to 100km === Twitter / @spacecom: “Alan Stern: between 5 vehicles (VG, Masten, Armadillo, XCOR, Blue Origin) almost $1 billion private investment.”


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