Monday afternoon – misc

Some misc. items from the 2011 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference:

/– In Historic First, Three Scientists to Fly on Commercial Spacecraft: Funded agreements announced for 8 to 17 flights on suborbital vehicles – Commercial Spaceflight Federation

/– Part of the speaker lineup at the #nsrc press conference – Twitpic

/– Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Stern on SwRI’s deals for flying experiments and researchers on Virgin and XCOR: we’re putting the scientist back in the loop.”

/– Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Why is scientist in loop impt? Stern: don’t need to automate experiments, making them cheaper; can also adjust on the fly.”

/— @Jeff Foust: “Hynes: had excess space on upcoming sounding rocket flight, so advertised it on Facebook. Sold space and got 10:1 return on ad.” (She is referring to the UP Aerospace flight scheduled for April 1st at Spaceport America.)

/– Scientists Sign Up for Suborbital Space Flights – Discovery News


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