John Carmack & Paul Breed sponsor amateur rocket challenge prize

A discussion thread on the aRocket forum has resulted in a $5000 amateur rocket prize challenge from John Carmack, plus Paul Breed is kicking in an additional $2000: Get paid to launch your rocket above 100K feet? Really? – Rocketry Planet.

> Earlier this week, the gamer-turned-aerospace developer posted an offer of $5,000 for the first rocket to exceed 100,000 feet [30.48 kilometers] above launch altitude that could provide a GPS serial log of the flight with at least one report above the magic number. The rocket would also have to be recovered intact within 24 hours of the launch.

More rules are given in the article. John has also indicated that the rocket can be balloon launched but it still must gain 100k feet [30.48 kilometers] under rocket propulsion from the point it leaves the launch platform.

Update: Robin Snelson has added another $1000 to the purse. So total prize money is now $8000.


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