Space policy roundup

Misc. space policy related items:

/– Affording the final shuttle launch – Space Politics

/– NASA On Defense – Jamie Dupree Washington Insider/Atlanta Journal-Constitution

/– Impaired Vision – Transterrestrial Musings

/– As Shuttle Program Winds Down, Astronauts Weigh A Future With No Spaceship To Fly: No “mass exodus”, but hard choices ahead for U.S. astronaut corps – Popular Science

/– U.S. Rep. Adams reaffirms support for human spaceflight – Florida Today

/– House and Senate Leaders Crafting Short-Term CRs – – Feb.23.11

/– A SpacePolicyOnline.Com Fact Sheet: NASA’s F72011 Appropriations: The Debate Continues in the 112th Congress – Feb.22.11 (pdf)


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