The Space Review this week

The latest issue of The Space Review begins with the third installment of Dwayne Day’s report on the “origins, development, and operations of the KH-9 HEXAGON reconnaissance satellite”: The flight of the Big Bird (part 3).

Stewart Money notes the obvious cost benefits of fully reusable space transports and then discusses the multiple missteps that led to the current odd situation in which NASA and the Defense Department give development of reusable vehicles a very low priority: Taking the initiative: SLI and the next generation.

Jeff Foust looks at the technical and political challenges involved in measuring and forecasting space weather: When the Sun sneezes.

Lou Friedman suggests that the successes of international cooperation in space science projects can be carried over to human spaceflight exploration projects: The case for international cooperation in space exploration

Jeff Foust reviews the book Voyages of Discovery: The Missions of the Space Shuttle Discovery by Robert A. Adamcik.


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