The Space Review – last week

Gee, the week shot by and only today I found a chance to read the latest issue of The Space Review. The next one will already be coming out tomorrow.

Jeff Foust reviewed the battles in the past year over the NASA commercial crew program and then reported on the recent FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference (I’ve accumulated links here concerning the meeting): Commercial crew and NASA’s tipping point.

Lou Friedman discusses the importance to NASA of working with international partners in space projects: American leadership. Jeff Foust reviews the book Reopening the Space Frontier by John Hickman who presents a plan for enabling human expansion into space.

Andrew LePage gives a history of the first Soviet attempt to send a spacecraft to Venus: The beginnings of planetary exploration: the first probes to Venus. Michael A. Shoemaker uses a rod to connect The Simpsons and early space history: In rod we trust.


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