NASA as Customer + Biz Risks for HSF

Here are the last of my notes from the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference (agenda). Below are notes taken in the two sessions titled: NASA as the Customer and Business Risks in Human Spaceflight. I’ve collected resources for the meeting here. Highlights of the “NASA as the Customer” session:

Jenny Lyons gave an overview of the NASA Launch Sevices Program (LSP): – The mission is “acquisition and program management of Expendable Launch Vehicle (ELV) missions” – Mostly involves procurement of commercial launchers for science spacecraft – NASA Launch Services (NLS) – approved commercial launch providers get indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts – Binded to 5 year Not-to-Exceed (NTE) prices – Firm, fixed prices – Annual on-ramp period each August. – Engineering oversight means “Insight and Approval”

Alan Lindenmoyer reviews NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo program: – Gave status of COTS and CCDev – NASA becomes a consumer of commercial services rather than contracting for a system with specific requirements. – Four years since first contract – Showed videos of Falcon 9/Dragon flights and of Taurus II/Cygnus animation and engine tests – Brief overview of CCDev activity

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