Space Technology Research Fellowships

Students interested in getting involved in space research should be aware of NASA’s Space Technology Research Fellowships. The agency is currently seeking applications from graduate students at accredited US universities for the fellowships, with a deadline for submitting fellowship proposals of 23 February. The fellowships, which are sponsored by NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist, are available to US graduate student researchers who show ‘significant potential to contribute to NASA’s strategic space technology objectives through their studies.’

NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun describes the program:

> “Our Space Technology Graduate Fellowships will help create the pool of highly skilled workers needed for NASA’s and our nation’s technological future, motivating many of the country’s best young minds into educational programs and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This fellowship program is coupled to a larger, national research and development effort in science and technology that will lead to new products and services, new business and industries, and high-quality, sustainable jobs. Fellowships will be awarded to outstanding young researchers and technologists positioned to take on NASA’s grand challenges and turn these goals and missions into reality.”

Complete information on the fellowships, including how to submit applications, is available here.


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