Crime Free Mars Could Cost NASA Big Bucks

The lack of crime on Mars could result in NASA getting less money this year.

NASA’s $3.131 billion budget for cross-agency support would be reduced by $298 million to $2.833 billion in order to keep 1,300 cops on the street under an amendment approved by the full House on Wednesday. In remarks on the House floor, the amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), said:

> Now, do I like the idea we have to take it from NASA space exploration? I don’t know any of the crime statistics on Mars, and I’m interested, but it’s a bad choice. If any of you like space exploration, so do I. In a way, I’m playing the game too. I’m taking from one place to give to another. But I do believe it’s in the interest of all of us to try to set these priorities straight.

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