NASA program cuts; Funds missing for Taurus II flight; Space Florida cuts

Jeff Foust provides more details on where cuts would be made on NASA programs if the current House Republican appropriations plan is implemented: House appropriators cut deeper at NASA – Space Politics.

The problem here for those who advocate space development is not the cutting of NASA’s overall budget but in cutting those things that would allow NASA to accomplish far more than it does now on far less money. As Jon Goff says, it appears that appropriators “are killing off all the innovative programs, to keep funding for NASA’s core incompetencies”. === It looks like Orbital may not get money for an additional test of the Taurus II rocket: NASA hopes to find money for Taurus 2 test flight – Spaceflight Now === Florida Today comments on big cuts to Space Florida’s programs: Our views: Florida, listen up: Space entrepreneurs giving job message lawmakers better embrace – Florida Today.


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