Florida space funding; Republican budget shifting; Space rocks whizzing

Governor Rick Scott of Florida released a tight budget last week but it seems relatively generous towards Space Florida and Aerospace Industry/University partnership R&D grants. Edward Ellegood posts the numbers in the latest issue of the Florida SPACErePORT.

[Update: This report is much more negative: Governor’s budget would slash funding for Space Florida – The Flame Trench/Florida Today]

=== Some Republicans from states with NASA centers and/or contractors involved heavily in human spaceflight make a recommendation for shifts in NASA funding priorities: House Group Proposes Shifting Earth Science Funds to Manned Spaceflight – Space News. === Space rock protection perhaps should be a higher priority: Another tiny rock will whiz past us tomorrow – Bad Astronomy/Discover Magazine.

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=27073

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