The Space Review this week

The new issue of The Space Review begins with Lou Friedman suggesting that NASA combine its human and science exploration programs: Merging human spaceflight and science at NASA.

Dwayne Day continues his series about the “origins, development, and operations of the KH-9 HEXAGON reconnaissance satellite”: The flight of the Big Bird (part 2)

Jeff Foust looks at the efforts of the group to purchase the TerreStar-1 satellite, currently owned by bankrupt TerreStar Networks, and use it to provide internet access for “underserved regions of the world”: Buy this satellite?.

Matthew J. Kleiman discusses the issues involved in patent protection for spacecraft technologies: Patent rights and flags of convenience in outer space.

Jeff Foust reviews the book From Jars to the Stars: How Ball Came to Build a Comet-Hunting Machine by Todd Neff.


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