The Space Review this week

The new issue of The Space Review begins with Andrew J. LePage telling the history of how Voyager 2 came to fly by Uranus 25 years ago: The Grand Tour: Uranus.

Lou Friedman talks about the recent 100-Year Starship Study workshop at NASA Ames and emphasizes that such studies can inspire ideas that bring near term benefits: Fly me to the stars.

Ken Murphy explains why the “Earth-Moon Lagrange point, or EML-1, offers a number of key advantages that make it an ideal destination for activities in cislunar space”: EML-1: the next logical destination.

Dwayne A. Day describes an interesting rocket model seen in a British military base museum: Sub-scale and classified: the top secret CIA model of a Soviet launch pad.

Jeff Foust reviews the new book, The Four Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality by Richard Panek.


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