Space policy roundup…

Submit your suggestions for NASA policy here: Share your thoughts: Where does NASA go from here? – Florida Today (via Trent Waddington).

Esther Dyson discusses the impact of the successful Falcon 9/Dragon flight on space policy formulation: Sputnik Redux – Project Syndicate.

Jeff Foust at Space Politics posts these two items: /– Resetting US-China space cooperation /– Bolden interview; Nelson criticism; Supreme Court’s NASA decision

More on the European Galileo program: Galileo Assessment Pulls no Punches –

There has been talk that the new Congress will attempt to cut all discretionary spending back to 2008 levels, which would reduce NASA’s funding by a couple of billion or so (from $19B to $17,318B). Now comes a proposal to cut such spending back to the 2006 level, which for NASA was $15,125B (16,085B if inflation corrected): Republicans set down marker on spending: $2.5 trillion in cuts – The Hill

BTW: Here is a good visual illustration of a trillion dollars: Budget Scale – Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog.


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