Satellite constellation proposed by Canadian company

Microsat Systems (MSCI) in Canada unveiled plans to develop a low earth orbit constellation of 84 microsatellites (including 6 backups) called COMMStellation, which would provide global broadband backhaul services: /– Canadian firm plans 78-satellite Net service – Deep Tech/CNET News /– MSCI Announces A Global Satellite Communications Constellation Called Commstellation™ : COMMStellation™ Will Address Global Wireless Backhaul Demand – MSCI – Jan.19.11

The company says COMMStellation would

> help alleviate global backhaul issues and connect rural and remote areas of the world where fibre infrastructure is cost prohibitive. COMMStellation™ is scheduled for launch in 2015.

MSCI’s COMMStellation™ will orbit the earth at a height of 1,000 kilometres circling the earth in a polar orientation. The COMMStellation™ will be comprised of 78 microsatellites in 6 orbital planes with an additional 6 redundant microsatellites (1 per orbital plane). In its current configuration, COMMStellation™ will provide 100% global coverage with up to 15 times the speed and 10 times the total bandwidth capacity of a MEO constellation of comparable satellites.

The MSCI COMMStellation™ will be connected to terrestrial telecommunications networks through 20 telecommunications ports (teleports) located around the earth. The satellites are planned to be launched into orbit at 14 to a rocket requiring only 6 rockets to launch the entire constellation.

The company has not yet selected a launch provider.


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