NanoSail-D sail deployment update

If all goes as planned, NanoSail-D will deploy its sail this evening. It should occur 3 days after ejection from FASTSAT but exactly when that happened appears to be uncertain. Updates can be found at nanosaild on Twitter and on the NanoSail-D Dashboard.

More about the surprise revival of the project: NanoSail-D Back, Needs Tracking – Centauri Dreams /– NanoSailD completes ejection – MSFC Amateur Radio Station

> Last month we were listening on 437.275 MHz, trying to confirm ejection of NanoSail-D from NASA’s FastSat. Nothing was heard, confirming that the sub-satellite had not separated. Time goes by. . . (just over a month actually) and as Wednesday afternoon comes around, Stan – N4PMF receives a request from Dean Alhorn to try listening again.

WB5RMG and N4PMF went to the club station and got ready for the 4:50 pm flyover. Shortly after Dean arrived we heard the first packet, and thought we were going to need to scrape Dean off the ceiling – he nearly exploded with joy.

Update 6:06 pm EST: NASA has posted this:

> Thanks to all the ham radio operators for their help in following NanoSail-D. A beacon signal has been received and NanoSail-D appears to be operating nominally and is scheduled to unfurl at 10 p.m. EST. The NASA team will confirm the sail has deployed with a ground based image as soon as it is available.

NanoSailD on Twitter says,

> Operators in Huntsville say I will be over Ireland as I open up. Raise your glasses of Guinness! What do you do with a drunken solar sailor?

Update 7:16 pm: NanoSailD on Twitter now says,

> Hello all! Checking in! I will open my sail this evening at 02:55 UTC or 9:55pm EST over Ireland. You know the luck o’ the Irish helped.


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