CSA Moves Forward on New Space Center

CSA has selected Specialty Construction of San Luis Obispo as the apparent successful offeror to complete the first phase of the California Space Center. The first phase will include preparations of the 71-acre site, including the removal of existing concrete pads and the installation of basic utilities.  Contract negotiations are scheduled to begin on January 28.  Specialty Construction was one of six companies that submitted formal proposals for the first phase.  Work under the contract is scheduled to begin the first quarter of 2011.

The Center is to be built on a 71-acre site in northern Santa Barbara County that is part of Vandenberg Air Force Base, but accessible to the public on California Highway 1. Upon completion, the Center will include a rocket garden, educational facilities, an outdoor amphitheater, a large format indoor theater, a cultural heritage center, and a business park.

California Space Authority is a nonprofit organization supporting California’s commercial, civil and national security space stakeholders. Governed by a statewide board of directors, CSA works closely with the State of California, industry, other government, education, workforce entities and academia to support space enterprise development and expansion statewide.

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