The Space Review this week

The new issue of The Space Review begins with a discussion by Harley Thronson, Dan Lester, and Ted Talay “on a long-duration human habitat that could be deployed beyond LEO within a decade and on the priority goals that such a habitat might accomplish.”: Human operations beyond LEO by the end of the decade: An affordable near-term stepping stone.

[Update: See also these associated sites: /– Future In-Space Operations (FISO) /– FISO Working Group Presentations ]

Lou Friedman writes about the general public’s interest in space and how that should affect funding of projects like the James Webb Telescope: Public interest and space exploration.

Taylor Dinerman writes about the set of space novels from C. S. Lewis: C.S. Lewis and his Space Trilogy, then and now.

Jeff Foust reviews the new book, Talking About Life: Conversations on Astrobiology by Chris Impey.


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