New Year, (Slightly) New Look

Happy new year! I’m back to a crazy work schedule, but every once in a while I get obsessed with some strange little thing. Tonight it was a new feature of Blogger, the ability to define your own blog template background image. I had a perfectly good stock image of the Earth, but was that enough? Of course not! I decided I needed a collage of Orbiter images instead (plus one picture I took of the real STS-118 launch). They said to make it 1800 x 1600 to allow for full screen, and I tried a couple of variations before arriving at the one shown here and in the background. Some of the edges are OK (depending on how your window is sized), but you really can’t tell in the background that the upper left image is a closeup of the shuttle. I also just discovered that the 1800×1600 doesn’t really fill the screen when Safari scales the web page for the iPod Touch. Oh well, it will have to do for now.


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