JP Aerospace update; Space prizes roundup; Masten photos

The JP Aerospace blog RSS feed seems to be working again so I can now keep up with their latest posts such as this photo review of the past year: 2010 in Review – JP Aerospace – Jan.3.10 (via Trent Waddington). === Some space competition related links at Space Prizes blog: Roundup: Lunar Prize Site Map, COMPETES Signed, Space Art, Masten Mud, More – Space Prizes – Jan.5.10. === The latter leads to the following pictures of recent Masten Space rocket activity: /– Wow! It looks like the SolidWorks model!! – Twitpic – Jan.3.10 /– Oh man, this is a much easier way to take the nose cone off – Twitpic – Jan.3.10 /– Getting ready to attempt a hold-down test. In the mud. Awesome – Twitpic – Jan.4.10


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