Magic EmDrive update; Solar driven CO2 & H2O to CO & H2, resp.

A reader points me to Roger Shawyer’s latest paper in which he says two groups in China have successfully built and tested an EmDrive thruster and that a group at Boeing is building one: Toulouse 2010 Paper (doc). The home page also says, “A Technology Transfer contract with a major US aerospace company was successfully completed.” Shawyer has his own test thrusters financed partly with UK government money.

I keep reading Shawyer’s paper but still can’t figure out how he conserves momentum. Doubt they can get around that annoying law in China or at Boeing. === On firmer ground, this technology for dissociating CO2 and H2O seems like it might be useful in space: /– Using Concentrated Solar to Produce Hydrogen – Autopia’ /– High-Flux Solar-Driven Thermochemical Dissociation of CO2 and H2O Using Nonstoichiometric Ceria – Science/AAAS


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