Off for the afternoon…

About to head out for the long drive to dear ol’ Mom’s for the Christmas holidays. No further posting till this evening. Here are some misc. items of interest: /– Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, Tuesday, 12-21-10 – Thespaceshow’s Blog – In this interview, Richards talks about Moon Express and the data purchase contract with NASA.

/– The latest on NASA’s confounded budget situation: /—- Wait till next year – Space Politics /—- Congress Approves Short term CR –

/– Experts Push for a NASA Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft –

/– Video: Mars500 Diary No. 9 – Parabolic Arc

/- Klingon Christmas Carol brought to the stage: It is the perfect Christmas present for the avid Star Trek fan: a ticket to the Klingon Christmas Carol – Telegraph – Dec.21.10


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