HobbySpace Contribution Bleg

In a crass attempt to exploit your holiday spirit of giving, I’m posting my bi-annual bleg for contributions. As shown by the 2010 NewSpace Log, it’s been a mighty busy year and it’s been quite a job keeping up with all that’s happening regarding NewSpace and innovative approaches to space development in general. And, of course, the NASA budget debates were relentless and still go on.

The coming year looks to be even busier with, for example, high altitude flights by the suborbital space firms and further Falcon 9/Dragon missions.

Your support for my efforts would be greatly appreciated. You can give a donation via the PayPal link below. Another option is a subscription – see link in left column – in which a monthly contribution is made.

Ad Astra, – Clark

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URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=25990

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