America, Canada Do Well in Optimizing Space Technology, China Hindered


Futron has released new analysis that benchmarks space technology among the top 10 leading space powers, which identifies specific technologies where countries optimize their economic and industrial competitiveness, or vice versa, where nations fail to effectively leverage technical capabilities. The release of Futron’s 2010 Space Technology Capacity Index represents an important milestone in integrating technology capability and use into national space competitiveness.

According to Ms. Peggy Slye, Futron’s Chief Operating Officer, “Managing technology development at the national level requires insight into technical requirements of space programs, but, also, increasingly, must incorporate the source of technology development as well as how products and services are disseminated in a globalized and commercial space industry.”

For example, the Technology Index finds that the U.S. technological leadership is buoyed by the contribution of the industrial sector, which effectively markets, uses, and sells technology assets to government and commercial clients worldwide. Canada represents another country that effectively disseminates its technology.

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