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I’m officially taking a day off today to get ready for the holidays … but it’s hard to stay out of the blogosphere entirely, especially when my science-minded son is playing so many cool YouTube videos on the home computer. So I’ve collected a few geeky clips to add some science content to your pre-Christmas weekend. The one above is from “recreational mathemusician” Vi Hart, and was featured on NPR’s “Krulwich Wonders” blog. Hart has lots more where that came from.

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Last week I linked to a video that illustrates the workings of the once-mysterious ancient Greek Antikythera computing device, using Lego blocks. In case you didn’t see it the first time around, here it is again:

Today I noticed that there’s a behind-the-scenes video as well:

My son countered with this TV-commercial-like video for a Turing machine made of Lego blocks. Well played, sir:

Have you detected a theme here? All these videos illustrate the workings of math and science using stop-action animation. To close out this video roundup, here’s a just-for-fun stop-action project titled “Insert Coin” that looks as if it took a lot of work. Thanks to Paul Hsieh at GeekPress for pointing it out:

Seen any good and geeky videos lately? Feel free to pass along your favorites in a comment below.

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