Landfall at Santa Maria for Opportunity on Mars

Opportunity arrived at Santa Maria crater on Sol 2450 (Dec 15, 2010) and will spend the next few weeks exploring around the 80 meter wide crater. In the background is Endeavour crater, 6 km away. This mosaic was assembled from pancam images. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/ Ken Kremer, Marco Di Lorenzo

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover arrived today (Dec .15) at Santa Maria crater on Sol 2450. She sits just 20 meters from the crater rim. A multitude of inviting rocks and boulders are strewn about the 80 meter diameter crater, making this a Martian geologists dream.

And so it goes too for a Martian photographer with lots to shoot and with the giant 14 km wide Endeavour crater serving as backdrop and coming into ever clearer focus.

Santa Maria is just 6 km from the western rim of Endeavour (see panoramic mosaics above and below). (…) Read the rest of Landfall at Santa Maria for Opportunity on Mars (431 words)

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