African American owned firm to design & build on-orbit service vehicles

Ken Harvey and Allen Herbert (Jaka Consulting) along with Jayfus T. Doswell (Juxtopia) have formed the company Phezu Space, LLC to pursue development of in-space service vehicles: First African American Owned Commercial Space Company Launched: Launched during Juxtopia Urban Learning Technology Conference (JULT) at Morgan State University – Phezu Space, LLC will design and build commercial space on-orbit service vehicles – Phezu Space/PRLog – Dec.15.10.

> Phezu’s (pronounced fay?zoo) mission is to be the leading commercial space research & development and manufacturing company that will design and produce the best and most reliable orbital service and transportation vehicles. The company will initially focus on developing a full-service, semi-automated space-based servicing vehicle that will provide service and support to spacecraft, satellites and other orbital entities outside and inside earth’s orbital sphere. Phezu’s in-space service vehicle’s capabilities will include refueling, vehicle towing and maintenance. Targeted customers will include civilian, military, commercial and government entities and specifically the burgeoning space tourism industry.

“Phezu’s space service vehicles will be like having a full service gas station in space. We will be able to refuel, service and tow space vehicles so that they may fulfill their mission. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the commercial space industry that is positioned to take off just like the internet industry,” says Allen Herbert, President and CEO of Phezu Space, LLC. “With Black unemployment at 16%, almost double the national rate, it is important that African American entrepreneurs are on the cutting edge of new and innovative industries. We hope Phezu can be an inspiration for other African American innovators looking to start IT, environmental and aerospace companies.”


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