DIY Satellite Will Capture Sounds of Ionosphere

Artist concept of an InterOrbital Tubesat in space. Credit: InterOrbital.

For a space geek, the ultimate do-it-yourself project would be building a satellite in your basement. Astronomer and writer Sandy Antunes is doing just that, but there’s an artsy side to this project, as well. His satellite, called Project Calliope, will collect data from the ionosphere and send it back to Earth in sound-based MIDI files, allowing music to be created from space. “It’ll be an ionospheric detector transmitting sonifiable data back to Earth,” said Antunes. “Conceptually, it’s a musical instrument in space, played by space rather than just after-the-fact sonified.” (…) Read the rest of Music From Space: DIY Satellite Will Capture Sounds of Ionosphere (725 words)

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