Vancouver Island Spaceport Being Touted

A space launch facility on Vancouver Island? It sounds like science fiction but it’s science fact. University of British Columbia astronomer Redouane Al Fakir, founder of the Muhammad Institute for Space Science, is trying to raise money to build a space port where satellites can be launched and Canada can engage fully in the space race with Space Launch Canada.

Dr. Al Fakir is looking at two coastal sites for the facility: Tofino and Prince Rupert, which are fairly secluded locations but are accessible by road — ideal conditions for a space port.

The astronomer is out raising money, especially in the Middle East, but he faces a big challenge: Al Fakir estimates that it would take $100 million to build a facility, and $500 million to send up a rocket. Nevertheless, Redouane Al Fakir’s goal has been to return Muslims to the place of pride they held, centuries ago, as world leaders in astronomy. His very ambitious goal is to have an operational Canadian spaceport by 2015.


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