Masten Wins NASA Contact for Lunar Lander Testbed Development

Masten’s Xombie vehicle

NASA recently announced that it would be conducting contract negotiations for 350 projects under its SBIR and STTR programs, which are aimed at promoting space technology development by small businesses. Parabolic Arc will be looking at a number of the proposals involving NewSpace companies that it regularly covers or which involve interesting technologies.

COMPANY: Masten Space Systems

LOCATION: Mojave, Calif.

PROPOSAL: Terrestrial Plume Impingement Testbed

SUBTOPIC TITLE: Robotic Systems for Human Exploration


Masten Space Systems proposes to create a terrestrial plume impingement testbed for generating novel datasets for extraterrestrial robotic missions. This testbed would allow rocket plume interactions with lunar, martian, and asteroid surface simulants in a fully instrumented, easy to access, and low cost environment using Masten Space’s existing VTVL suborbital launch vehicles.

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