Fuel Pressure Drop Likely Caused Insertion Failure

An image showing Venus from three of Akatsuki’s different instruments, taken during a functions check of the probe. Akatsuki was 600,000 km (373,00 miles) from Venus when these images were taken. The red and blue are false color. From left to right: the ultraviolet imager (UVI), 1 micron camera (IR1) and long wave infrared camera (LIR). Image Credit: ISAS

While JAXA is still trying to get an exact handle on the problems that the Akatsuki probe sent to Venus encountered, there is a little bit of news leaking out. JAXA held a press conference last night, and the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper has a brief recap of the conference. During some of the systems checks on the probe, it also took a few images of Venus, and many of the instruments on the probe appear to be working okay – it’s the engine that’s having the most problems. (…) Read the rest of Akatsuki Update: Fuel Pressure Drop Likely Caused Insertion Failure (337 words)

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