New company to send photos to space

Joe Latrell dropped me a note about a new company that he heads that is working with UP Aerospace to offer a space participation service aimed at the general public. Here is their first press release:

New Company to Send Photos to Space in Honor of 50th Anniversary of Manned Space Flight

Strasburg, PA December 6, 2010 – A new launch services company, Photos to Space is providing the public the opportunity to participate in space flight. Currently, space travel is unavailable for the general public; however, through a new website (, consumers are able to send themselves to space in the form of a photo.

For a small fee, anyone can upload a photo to sent to space and back. Upon return, a digital certificate containing the original photo, a launch image and stats about the rocket will be created for each participant. “These custom certificates are unique to this industry,” says Joe Latrell, CEO. “The photo is actually embedded within the digital certificate. It takes only minutes to upload an image and participate in this unique opportunity.”

Any type of digital photograph may be sent. Customers have expressed the desire to mark special occasions such as weddings, graduations, birthdays or other holidays by sending a photo taken at that event. Some simply choose to send a photo of themselves with a friend or loved one.

Uploaded photos will be stored in a ‘digital container’ and sent into space on a rocket commemorating the 50th anniversary of man in space. A live video feed of the launch is planned for viewing on their website. The launch is scheduled to lift off in April, 2011 from Spaceport America located south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the launch, customers will receive a personalized certificate for each photo launched. The certificate will include the customer’s photo as well as a photo of the rocket and launch details such as flight time, speed, and altitude reached.

About Photos To Space Based in picturesque Lancaster County, PA, Photos to Space provides opportunities for the general public to take part in space travel. Through its website, customers can participate in its first venture by uploading a personal photo to be launched into outer space on a rocket commemorating the 50th anniversary of man in space.


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