More Falcon 9/Dragon flight aftermath…

More about Wednesday’s Dragon flight and plans for the next COTS mission: Falcon Launch Report | Musk “optimistic” next Dragon flight will visit space station – Spaceflight Now.

The flight should quiet, but probably won’t completely, the silly claims that US spaceflight will end with the end of the Shuttle program: SpaceX success thrills, enthuses: Dragon’s debut hoists employment hopes – Florida Today.

Providing lower cost access to Mars was one of Elon’s original motivations for starting SpaceX. The Explore Mars group hails the progress of the company: Explore Mars, Inc. Congratulates SpaceX on Outstanding Success of Dragon/Falcon 9.

A video report on the mission: Aero-TV: “Out To Launch” — A Closer Look At SpaceX’s Latest Milestone – Aero-News Network.

A report on Elon Musk’s and SpaceX’s political activities: Space Exploration Technologies’ Heavenly — and Political — Missions Blast Off – OpenSecrets Blog – Dec.9.10 (via I certainly hope this helps counter to some degree the vastly greater political activities of the big companies opposing NASA’s commercial spaceflight programs.


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