Donate your used astronomy books to the Astro Book Drive!

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and one of the most popular amateur hobbies around the world. In fact, there are thousands of astronomy clubs and groups across the globe, but in many developing countries they don’t have the resources to help educate their their members, as well popularize astronomy for students and the public.

“The enthusiasm of most of these groups are vast but they always come across the lack of resources to conduct programs,” said Thilina Heenatigala, from the Sri Lanka Astronomical Association, who has been instrumental in organizing astronomy book drives for fledgling astronomy clubs in developing countries the past few years.

Astro Book Drive is a project that works on helping improve astronomy education in developing countries by sharing resources. Right now, Astro Book Drive is gathering books and other resources for an astronomy club in Indonesia.

So, c’mon – you know you have some astronomy books, pamphlets and other items that you’d like to donate! (…) Read the rest of Here’s Your Chance To Spread the Joy of Astronomy Around the World (391 words)

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