Politicians respond to Dragon; House CR bill update

Some Congressional response to the Falcon 9/Dragon flight: /– Congressional praise for SpaceX – Space Politics /– Rep. Rohrabacher Congratulates SpaceX on Successful Rocket Launch and Capsule Reentry – Rep. Dana Rohrabacker /– Nelson: SpaceX flight signals start of new era in space exploration – Sen. Bill Nelson /– Hutchison Calls Successful SpaceX Launch Important Milestone – Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison === It’s certainly symbolic of the past year’s NASA budget debate that on the same day of the successful Falcon 9/Dragon flight the House of Representatives passed a bill that would raise the budgets for the Orion capsule and HLV projects while trimming commercial crew even further: /– CR passes House, with an interesting shuttle provision – Space Politics /– House passes NASA budget, gives $169 million more to heavy-lift – Huntsville Times

This still needs to pass the Senate, which isn’t guaranteed.

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