Falcon 9 launch appears set for Wednesday morning

On Twitter NASA has posted the following:

> The Falcon 9 launch is go for tomorrow. The window opens at 9 am EST. Watch it on NASA TV

Slightly less certain is this Twitter post by SpaceXer:

> SpaceX engineers currently performing final inspections, so far everything looks good, but we won’t have final all-clear until around 9 EST.

Update: Some Falcon 9/Dragon related items: /– High Stakes Loom Over SpaceX’s Private Space Capsule Launch Test – SPACE.com /– INFOGRAPHIC: Inside Look at SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule – SPACE.co /– Pretty picture of Falcon 9 at sunset from Launch Complex 40 a… on Twitpic

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=25620

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