Is a Royal Space Wedding in the Offing?

Richard Branson poses with Virgin Galactic ticketholders and staff members in front of WhiteKnightTwo.

With commercial space tourism a mere 15 months away — at least according to Richard Branson’s latest prediction to end all predictions, who’s never wrong about such things — we’ll soon be confronted with a brand new species of humans: the celebritynaut. Yes, the folks who already have everything will soon have even more to set them apart from the rest of us. And boy will they flaunt it something sickly. Your eyes will bleed pumpkins reading about it!

In an effort to prepare the recession-racked world for this new era of conspicuous in-your-face consumption, Parabolic Arc will be profiling some of those who will soon take the ultimate roller coaster ride in the sky. We’ll start with one Brit rumo(u)red to hold a ticket who actually outranks even Sir Richard — not due to any actual life achievements, mind you. But, simply by being born into a filthy rich family that my country hasn’t had much use for in over two centuries, and having a “special relationship,” should we say, with one of Virgin Galactic’s key American employees.

Parabolic Arc is please to present….

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