New Ukraine/India rocket company

Rajesh Muneshwar, a recent aerospace graduate in the Ukraine, writes to inform me about the new company Bharuk Aerospace Ltd. [where he now works and which was founded by Ajay Vikram Singh]:

> Bharuk Aerospace Ltd. is a Joint Venture between India and Ukraine established in collaboration with NII PFM, Kharkov Aviation Institute, “KhAI” Ukraine.We design and develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Sounding Rockets and Liquid Rocket Engines for Microsatellite Launcher. We are developing Micro-UAV “Sparrow-S” and “SHIVASTRA-I” Sounding Rocket for Microgravity and X-Ray research and microsat carrier “Shivastra-II”.

Nice to hear from Rajesh that he has been visiting this website “since my schooldays”. I wish him the best of luck with his space ventures.


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