Falcon 9 engine test update

SpaceX attempted another static firing this morning but the countdown was aborted about two seconds before ignition. They have recycled the clock to T-13 minutes and are going to try again. They are aiming for 10:30 am for the next firing attempt: Falcon Launch Report | Mission Status Center – Spaceflight Now.

The SpaceX webcast is here.

SpaceX is providing updates on Twitter at SpaceXer and SpaceXMissions.

Update 10:30am: The test is now set for 10:50 am ET.

SpaceX says, “Abort due to low gas generator pressure on engine 6.” That was the same engine that had pressure too high yesterday, which led to the premature end of the firing test.

Update 10:50 am: Firing just took place. Seemed to last about 3 seconds but will have to wait to see if it went OK.

Update 11:14 am: SpaceXer says, “We will continue to review data, but today’s static fire appears to be a success!”

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