New LaunchSpace human spaceflight tech & policy course

The members (and their staff) of the Congressional committees that deal with NASA should definitely take this course: New Approaches to Human Spaceflight Technology and Policy – LaunchSpace.

E.g. they would find these sections would particularly informative:

> 5. Myths and Realities of Human Spaceflight.

Interactive discussion and exposure of several myths: Science and Exploration, Risk and Cost, ”Only NASA can do it safely”, Why “man-rating” makes no sense in the modern era.

6. The Truth about Launch Economics.

Cost elements of launch system development and operations. Why flight rate matters more than vehicle configuration/design. The Shuttle and the economic viability of reusable launchers. Why government space hardware costs so much to develop (procurement methods, perverse incentives). Example of the British airships.

See also New Course On Space – Transterrestrial Musings.


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