The Lurio Report – Nov.29.10

Almost forgot to note that a new issue of The Lurio Report came out today. Here is the TOC:

KLM/Curaçao and XCOR, Dragon Return License, Flying Frequently, More from ISPCS Vol. 5, No. 19, November 29, 2010

Quick Updates:

KLM Purchases XCOR Lynx Tickets Buy a Lynx Model! SpaceX Receives Reentry License From FAA/AST Launch Day Update Keeping SpaceShipTwo (SS2) and Others Flying Often Masten Demonstration Flight from Cape Canaveral Clueless on Commercial Crew, Heavy Lift Racketeering A Clueless Commission The Heavy Lift Racket, Fully Unmasked Comment On Conflicting Budgets and Legislative Requirements JWST Overrun and Imagining Alternatives The Next Fight – Overburdened Procedures?

Dear Acquaintances,

– More from the ISPCS Panels –

Two Sessions on Pasts and Futures “Closing the Credibility Gap: The Role of Suborbital testing as a Pathfinder to Orbital Markets or as an End Market” Lunch Talk by George Sowers of ULA “Spaceports”


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