Dr. John Lewis Lectures on ‘China Moon’

Doug Messier of Parabolic Arc points to the esteemed Prof. John Lewis’ talk about Asia’s road to the moon during the Space Studies Institute’s Space Manufacturing Conference last month in California.

Dr. Lewis is well regarded within the space community through his three popular science books, Rain of Iron and Ice (on comet and asteroid bombardment of Earth; also in German translation), Mining the Sky (on space resources for use in space and on Earth; also in German and Chinese translation), and Worlds Without End (on the nature and distribution of planets in the universe from ancient writings on the plurality of worlds to the current flood of observations of planets in orbit about other stars).

URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Spaceports/~3/mN_XSy3FtWM/dr-john-lewis-lectures-on-china-moon.html

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