A virtual space report

After the cancellation of This Week in Space, Adrian Wenz of BINARY SPACE, which was a sponsor of TWIS, has been experimenting with virtual character animation tools in hopes of a low cost way to generate a similar weekly space report. Below is a recent test called Space Report (Weeks 46+47) in which the virtual host covers several topics that I suggested.

I’ve often thought a program that focused solely on what has been happening in space – solar activity, space weather, ISS crew activities, latest Mars rover photos, meteor showers, etc – could give viewers a sense of space as an active, living place. It would be neat to produce such a show “automatically” but Adrian says the experience so far indicates that it really takes too long to produce a show weekly. May instead do it for special events or a report on some general topic.

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=25352

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