Videos & presentation files for SSI Space Manufacturing 14

Lee Valentine reminds me that a video of the panel discussion at the SSI Space Manufacturing 14 conference that Jeff Foust wrote about in the latest issue of The Space Review is available in video here: Moon Mars Asteroids – Where to Go First for Resources – Ustream.

Currently there are videos of nine of the sessions posted on the SSI-TV Ustream archive. For example, see /– Session 1, Space Transportation – presentations by Jeff Greason, Gary C Hudson, Dallas Bienhoff, Jon Goff, and Joe Carroll /– Session 2: Extraterrestrial Prospecting – Prof. Michael A’Hearn, Brad Blair, Prof. Leslie Gertsch, Mark Sonter, and Dr. Faith Vilas, /– Luna Nova – Dr. Paul Spudis

Eventually, videos of all of the sessions will be posted.

The PowerPoint presentations of the entire SSI conference can be found at

(Kudos to Robin Snelson for getting the videos and presentations in shape for posting.)

Here is the Space Transportation session:


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