Prototype VASIMR milestone; Euro rocket reform; Space contests roundup

The Ad Astra Rocket Co. says the tests of a VASIMR prototype engine has achieved an efficiency milestone: /– VASIMR VX-200 plasma rocket achieves full power efficiency milestone – /– VASIMR® VX-200 Meets Full Power efficiency Milestone – Ad Astra – Nov.23.10 (pdf) /– VX-200 – photos and videos === More discussion of possible changes to the European space launch infrastructure: New Launchers Require New Arrangement – Aviation Week === Space Prizes blog round ups of space related competition: /– Students: Real World Design, Thatcher Environmental Research, Spirit of Innovation, Space Sports Competitions – Space Prizes /– Prize Roundup: Pongsats, Masten Updates, ISEC Honorable Mention, NW Startup, More – Space Prizes


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